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Adizes Course on Organizational Transformation

The DNA of Organizations

Welcome to this course! We are very pleased you signed up. We hope you enjoy this journey into the depth and richness the Adizes Methodology for Organizational Transformation has to offer.

Throughout this course you will find 5 types of content:

  1. eBook. Our courses always include the ability to read one of Dr. Adizes' books. You will find it in the first section and you can always go back to keep advancing through its chapters.
  2. Lectures by Dr. Adizes. These lectures are the body of this course, with about 11 hours of lecture time by Dr. Adizes. These lectures were recorded from a Live Webinar Master Class Dr. Adizes delivered in 2020.
  3. Quizzes. Under each lecture you will find a multiple-choice quiz (with 5-9 questions) which you need to answer with an 80% grade in order to progress through the course (you have up to 5 tries per quiz, use them wisely).
  4. Discussions. After every lecture you will find some open-ended questions, which you will answer in the comment section. Feel free to also comment on other previous comments from past participants and enrich the discussion with your point of view. The intent is for you to get a deeper grasp of what was covered in the lecture.
  5. Tasks. These tasks should be done in order to better enjoy this course. They may range from reading a few chapters of the eBook to searching for a case in real life or reading a blog.

This course is also optimized for a mobile experience, simply login with the email and password on your smartphone and continue your journey.

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems along the way, we will be pleased to help you. Enjoy learning!

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